Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

With sufficient training and dedication, you’ve risen through your bracket and taken a step towards the intermediate level. As a result, it may be about time for an upgrade in your equipment to match your skill level as you progress further. There are 3 important factors to consider when choosing the best intermediate racquet for you. These 3 factors will determine the outcome of your swings and the type of play you choose to utilize in game. Of which these 3 deciding factors are:

  • The weight of your racquet
  • Head-heavy or Grip Heavy Racquets
  • Head size of your Racquet

The current framework of your racquet at a beginner’s level would be leaning towards a lightweight racquet that’s head heavy and over sized in head size. This is to allow the user to have an easier way of adjusting to the feel of the swings and ball movement. Intermediate levels, however, require a slightly heavier racquet with a mid plus racquet head size & can actually choose between either a head heavy or grip heavy type. Head heavy racquets allow for more power while a grip heavy racquet allow for more control. Athletically built individuals normally prefer their tennis racquets to be grip heavy rather than head heavy. Now that we’ve covered the basics for choosing the best intermediate racquet, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 intermediate racquets suited for your preferences. Specifically, these three racquets are:

intermediate tennis racket

Babolat Pure Aero

For an aggressive play in game, no other tennis racquet out matches the Babolat Pure Aero. The Babolat Pure Aero belongs to the Aero family of tennis racquets and has been endorsed by popular players such as Rafael Nadal. What makes the Babolat Pure Aero competitively different is its aeromodular 2 & FSI spin feature. The intermediate racquet reduces drag by about nearly 11% making it easier for the user to hit faster incoming balls. For players looking forward to take dominance at the baseline, this racquet serves best for you. The Babolat Pure Aero gives users a high ball speed & spin including maximum stability in the process.

Price: $199.97

Wilson Blade 104

Hard-hitting players will love the Wilson Blade 104. Aside from its power boost, the Wilson Blade offers extravagant maneuverability and easy swing for an overall high performance. With its degree of flexibility, the Wilson Blade also offers a large sweetspot that leaves you with an advantage at the baseline. For players who prefer comfort and maneuverability over power, the Wilson Blade 104 gives you just that.

Price: $199

Head YoutekGraphene Radical Pro

A solid and precise racquet would be the perfect definition for the Head YoutekGraphene Radical Pro. It gives outstanding directional control and allows players to take cuts at the ball with ease. The Radical Pro is a well-balanced intermediate racquet highly regarded as one of the best intermediate racquet in the market. Whether you’re at the baseline or by the net, the Radical Pro gives users exceptional maneuverability perfect for intermediate players who enjoy quick changes in position and fast exchanges with the ball.

Price: $189.95

With three options to choose from at an intermediate level bracket, each tennis racquet hit impressive standards with their unique features and technological innovativeness. Deciding whether power, control, or comfort fits a specific type of playing field more is an individual preference each tennis player can take into account for his or her benefit.




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